People have found a replacement for Rasta

Celebrity funerals will never be the same again.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Rasta  | Drama

Nobody enjoys funerals, even celebrity funerals. But one thing that has become an unwelcome discussion at recent famous funerals has been the celebrity art on display and the artist at work on the day.

His name? The one, the only, the legendary Lebani โ€œRastaโ€ Sirenje.

Simply put, Rasta has trended numerous times over the past few years because of how inaccurately he has attempted to depict celebrities in his portraits. If you donโ€™t believe us take a look below:

Needless to say, he doesnโ€™t always get it right and people keep wondering the same thing as a result: how does this guy keep getting these gigs?

While we canโ€™t answer that, tweeps might have stumbled upon Sirenjeโ€™s replacement one day. A young artist by the name of Loyiso Mkhize:

What do you think, could Loyiso be the next Rasta?

Main image credit: Twitter