The really real interview: Muvhango's Tryphina

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

Tryphina hasn't been a very good woman lately. Blackmail, threats and dirty laundry (pun very much intended) have been the order of the day for Tryphina, causing quite a lot of chatter around television land. We always give people the benefit of the doubt at ZAlebs before casting judgement, so we wanted to hear from the domestic worker first, so that she could give her side of the story. We sent one of her biggest fans (pictured) to find out more.

ZAlebs: Hello, Tryphina. Thank you for your time.

Tryphina: Hey, who are you? Get out of this bathroom! Voetsek!

ZAlebs: Oh, Tryphina. You are quite the character. Please could you give us your side of the story?

Tryphina: (Shouting loudly) Lerumo! Lerumo! Who are these people?

ZAlebs: But Tryphina, you promised us an interview?

Tryphina: I did no such thing.

ZAlebs: Please give us your side of the story?

Tryphina: What story? I just clean this house. You need to ask Lerumo. He is the one to talk to.

ZAlebs: Tryphina, come now. You promised.

Tryphina: I promised nothing. You get out of here. But please pass the Handy Andy before you go.

ZAlebs: This isn't funny, Tryphina. We need to know what you know, and what is going to happen next?

Tryphina: Who sent you? SAPS? Hawks? Drum?

ZAlebs: We are here to find out your side of the story.

Tryphina: I am paid to keep this house clean. I will not entertain your nonsense. (A wad of R200 notes falls out of her pocket).

ZAlebs: Where did you get that money from?

Tryphina: That is none of your business. Get out of this place. I am here to work. (Shouting loudly) Lerumo! Lerumo!

At that point, we needed to get the hell out of there, as Tryphina came running at us with a toilet brush. We could read a lot into what looked like at least R5,000 in R200 notes, but, again, we don't like casting any sort of judgement.

We guess we will just have to keep watching Muvhango to see what happens next?

We will bring you more on this satire piece as and when we get it.