How Reason reacted after finding out that he's having twins

The rapper was nervous. 

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How Reason reacted to becoming a father of twins

Fatherhood is an amazing journey, and Reason knows this too well. The rapper, who has two children from a previous relationship, is expecting twins with his girlfriend, TV and radio personality Luthando "Lootlove" Shosha. 

So, what was going through his mind when he found out that he's about to be a father again? The rapper explained on The Driver on Metro FM: "I was very nervous, I won't lie. I was very, very nervous... I think it's one thing to find out that you're expecting a child, and then you have to find out you're expecting two."  

When asked if he collapsed after finding out, he said: "I was sweating. I think I said nothing... 'Cause you start realising, you know, what that means. But you know, with time, you know the process and the journey kinda like, you know, makes you appreciate the idea of like, you know the God that is... No one can explain the process of making babies, nobody can explain the process of how they come to life and it's so Godly." 

Nervous or not, it's clear that Reason is looking forward to this chapter, and he appreciates Lootlove now more than ever. This week, he took to Instagram to dedicate the sweetest note to the Metro FM host. 

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"It's taken me 2 days to describe the fascination I have towards whats happening inside you. To be able to carry the life of 2 is an unbelievable sign of Godliness no one can put into words. It is by far the most challenging yet gratifying experience I've had to go through with anyone, and lord am I happy that its you. 

"There are many unspoken realities that come with the blessing of having twins, however, your strength is one that needs a shout out to God & the ancestors. I guess my point is... I don't know how you do it. But you do. Therefore, I am and I will forever be grateful to you and your ability to give your body and mind into manifesting Gods blessings. God bless the king!" 

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