Reason's misunderstanding with the SAMAs cleared

Reason's query sparks a debate on whether the South African Music industry is really moving with the times.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Reason  | Drama


For a lot of artists, accolades aren't simply just awards. They are a sign that what you've been doing is recognised and should be celebrated. So when Reason's latest offering Love Girls was not accepted by the SAMAs he had questions. 

We’re closing in on the SAMA’s and there’s already drama. Reason a.k.a Mr Bump The Cheese Up himself was allegedly snubbed when he tried to enter his album into the Best Rap Album category. The reason for this? It was a digital only release and the SAMA’s allegedly do not take strictly digital releases. The ‘Bump The Cheese Up’ rapper took to the Twitter streets to give the SAMA’s a piece of his mind. 

Later though, he came back and said that it was a ‘misunderstanding’ because strictly digital releases could enter IF they could also supply 10 printed copies of the album for the judges. 

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Though later seen as a misunderstanding this has become a talking point around the development of the South African music industry. With technology moving the way it is, do you think the South African music industry is moving along with it? Tell us what you think. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ReasonHD_