Atandwa Kani and Richard Lukunku cause havoc at ZAlebs

Atandwa Kani and Richard Lukunku tear the ZAlebs studio down.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Richard Lukunku  | Drama


Atandwa Kani and Richard Lukunku tear the ZAlebs studio down in this hilarious behind the scenes footage of the two actors.

Interviewing celebrities is an interesting part of our job. Sometimes you get the pleasure of sitting down with these entertainers and get to know them as a normal human being and not the ''celebrity".

One of the most exciting interviews we've ever had on ZAlebs was with actors Atandwa Kani and Richard Lukunku.

What was set out to be an in-depth interview with the two gentlemen turned out to be a hilarious video footage of the actors speaking in a Russian accent, getting half naked and twerking.

Yes, you read correctly, before we began our interview with the actors Richard and Atandwa gave us a bit of a strip tease whilst we tried tirelessly to keep a straight face. 

After watching this following video we understood why these two took up acting as a profession. It's in their DNA and these actors truly love performing even when the cameras are not rolling.

If you think this video was crazy, you should've seen the things they got up to when the camera was not rolling.

Without further ado enjoy this behind the scenes video of Atandwa and Richard going bonkers at the ZAlebs studio.

If you thought this was crazy wait until you watch their ZAleb hijack.