Is The Robert Marawa Vs Fikile Mbalula Beef Over?

How long will their truce last this time?

By  | Oct 24, 2022, 03:39 PM  | Robert Marawa  | Drama

Robert Marawa and Fikile Mbalula
There is nothing as entertaining as a fierce Twitter war or Twar, especially between prominent public figures. 

One of the most famous Twars that has been going on for years now is between award-winning sports journalist- Robert Marawa and Transport Minister- Fikile Mbalula. 

Over the years, the two prominent personalities have entertained netizens with their sharp-witted jabs at each other and it appears that they will not be stopping soon.

Here are all the details of the history of the famous Robert Marawa vs Fikile beef. Who do you think is the overall winner in this virtual fight?

The genesis of the Robert Marawa vs Fikile Mbalula beef

Robert Marawa, Fikile Mbalula and Oskido, source: Instagram

The famous Robert Marawa vs Fikile Mbalula began back when Fikile Mbalula served as the Minister of Sports and Recreation and he and the popular sports personality crossed paths.

In 2017, Robert Marawa threw the first punch at Mbalula and stirred up their beef when Durban lost the rights to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games and he reportedly called out the former Sports minister for “acting like Tarzan” during the bid to secure the bidding rights.

Following his remarks, Marawa later accused Mbalula of trying to get him fired from his job at Metro FM. Fikile Mbalula did not take this lightly as he threatened to sue Robert Marawa for dragging his name in his dismissal from Metro FM.

As their beef got ugly and more words were exchanged, Oskido came to the rescue. He sat with both public figures and helped them make peace and for the next few years, the two appeared to have developed a nice bromance. 

In 2019, after Fikile Mbalula became the Minister of Transport, Marawa interviewed him about his new portfolio and they even shared some light moments as Fikile even referred to the journalist as Robbie.

But while tweeps congratulated the two for burying the hatchet and acting maturely, it later appeared that their truce was only short-lived.

Robert Marawa vs Fikile Mbalula fresh beef

After a few years of dormancy, Robert Marawa and Fikile Mbalula’s beef resumed in March 2021 with more energy.

It all began after Robert Marawa took to Twitter to share a viral video of Paraguay citizens protesting over widespread corruption in their country. 

His caption ”Hint-Hint” did not sit well with the Minister of Transport who in trying to defend the government asked Marawa if he thought that the South African government was doing nothing to fight corruption to which Marawa sarcastically replied that he wasn’t aware that South Africa had changed its name to "Hint-Hint."

The online banter continued for some time with tweeps who were dissatisfied with the government’s efforts in fighting corruption joining in the fun and throwing jabs at the minister, but it eventually died off.

As the year 2021 ended, Robert Marawa and Fikile Mbalula threw their final punches of the year at each other. This time, the minister initiated the Twar when he reacted to a video of Marawa hosting his show Marawa Sports Worldwide which streams on Vuma FM, Sowetan Live and Rise FM after Marawa was fired from SABC where he used to host the show.

“Sabc they dealt with Robert mxm lemme keep quiet” Fikile Mbalula replied on Sowetan Live’s video of Robert Marawa’s show. Some tweeps interpreted this as the minister’s way of throwing shade at Marawa.

Not letting Mbalula go off easily, Marawa clapped back at him saying “Uthini wena Campaign Manager?? Who "dealt" with me?? Ungenaphi wena??”

Like with all the previous times, tweeps quickly joined in the conversation and while some criticised the minister’s remarks, others criticised Marawa for responding to the minister and insisted that “he should have ignored him.”

While the Robert Marawa vs Fikile Mbalula beef seems to have gone into a dormancy period again, we are certain that the two will be back again soon and we should all get enough popcorn for the next round of Twar.


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