Robert's Cryptic Tweet About Assasinations

Is Robert's life in danger?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Robert Marawa  | Drama

Ever since Robert Marawa announced that he had been sacked from his job on SuperSports, the sports anchor has been sending out a few cryptic tweets that have gotten his avid followers concerned.

On the day he revealed he was suddenly released from his duties at SuperSports via an SMS, Robert also tweeted that he might die for the truth to come out.

In an interview with Phat Joe on Radio 2000, he further shared that he was admitted to the intensive care unit last year because of serious health scare that was caused because of what he had to deal with while working at the organization.  

In the interview, he also shared that he had been threatened before, almost a week later, and Robert Marawa has now tweeted a cryptic tweet about assassination, causing a lot of concern from people who admire him.

One of his followers then expressed how late American rapper -  Nipsey Hussle had tweeted a cryptic tweet similar to this one and then a few hours later he was killed. To which Robert responded with a simple 'I know...'

No one really knows what Robert meant by that tweet, but people have even offered him protection & security if he's implying that someone is trying to assassinate him.

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