Watch: Rouge Has Something To Say To Her Ex!

We'd love to hear it in a song.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Rouge  | Drama

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South African award winning rapper and television presenter, Rouge clearly has alot to say about her break up with a certain ex.

Recently, she recorded a video of herself, spitting bars that were seemingly aimed at her ex boyfriend. However one could hardly tell if this kind of material would make the cut for her next body of work or it was just a mere platform to let the steam out.

Rouge posted a series of videos on Instagram titled, The Break Up. In part one of the video, it seems Rouge, the Mbongo hitmaker, is in disbelief and uncertain regarding the demise of her relationship, as she can be heard saying:' I thought you said that you would never leave but I am guessing you were joking, huh?.''

In part two though, Rouge is subtly pleading with the her man, as she holding out for some element of hope in their once strong and burning love. She is quoted as saying:''Look, all i am saying is, I don't think there is anyone better, pieces form a picture, we just fit together.''

In the last part of the series, Rouge is evidently still hopeful about the relationship, as she just cannot accept that her man wants to leave

"You're not leaving, no no. Our love is only wounded, it just needs some healing. If you leave, just get a dagger and just drive it through my heart.''

Take a good listen and look at three videos below. If this turns into a song, then Rouge's fans are definitely in for a treat.


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Just recently, Rouge posted quite a long and specific list about the kind of man that she hopes to attract in the future. Some people applauded her for having high standards, however some wished her goodluck as those types of men were far and in between.

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