Salamina Mosese's tweet sparks conversation

Salamina Mosese speaks on behalf of black people

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Salamina Mosese  | Drama

Salamina Mosese

Salamina Mosese is one of Mzanzi’s most hard-working artists, and with that comes long hours and dedication, the actress turned producer is speaking on behalf of those who work hard without getting the recognition they deserve. 

Taking to social media, Salamina expressed that she felt that the notion that deemed black people as ‘lazy’ people has to be addressed as she often sees a lot of them getting up early to make ends meet.

Salamina Mosese

People then went on to share their opinions.

Salamina Mosese

Amongst the plenty comments that were made, Lexi stepped in to share her daily experience saying that she shares the struggle of waking up early and arriving late at home.

Lexi's twitter post
Salamina Mosese's twitter post

Salamina and her husband are constantly giving advice, and with social media not being known as a safe space to address certain concerns, it's always nice to see media personalities who use their platform for good.

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