Samkelo is not here for your fat comments

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Samkelo Ndlovu  | Drama

Some people just don't know when to keep quiet.

When has it been okay to walk up to a person, celeb or not, to tell them that they're fat? Samkelo Ndlovu is not here for that! The Rhythm City actress has had her fair share of negative comments from fans, especially about her weight. 

Samkelo, who's clearly had enough, took to Instagram to address these people. 


I'm 20something and Been acting on South African TV since I was 19. Every single year. On different channels. I've basically grown up in front of you. Now, I happen to be a woman. My body has also grown. Grown from a girls body into a woman's body. What eeks me is humans who last saw me on a show where I was 21 on the only channel they watch because they just won't watch other channels and say "you're so fat now" or "go to the gym" - when in actual fact, that treadmill and bicycle at the gym KNOW MY NAME!! When I'm actually one of the fittest, agile and sometimes fastest people I know. And then realize it's their ignorance talking. They see a robot when they see me that's why they feel it's okay to say things like that. I ain't got no feelings. I respect my job and I know that in order for me to do my job, you have to look at me. Even on those days when I'm not feeling my sexiest or most beautiful or most leanest and happy. You have to look at me. And that pressure is the only pressure I take with me to the gym. My job. Not ignorant humans who emerge from their sloth homes and troll at me. Go tell your mom or sister she's so fat now and come back to me.

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All we can say is: Yes girl! Tell them...

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