"Who's That?" Sarah Shades Her Ex

She takes no prisoners.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Sarah Langa  | Drama

Sarah Langa-Mckay is a happily married woman who appears to be living her best life these days. When people tried to bring up her past, however, she showed off her savage nature when she threw massive shade at her ex-boyfriend, rapper, K.O.

It all started on such a positive note yazi.

Sarah was just minding her own business and sharing beautiful snaps she had recently taken on the timeline. In the pictures, which showed off the day's gorgeous outfit, she was rocking different shades of brown and beige as she matched a gorgeous poloneck top with a cute 3/4-length skirt. She topped it all off with a Louis Vuitton bag and you could clearly see that the picture was taken in a very expensive mansion.

Needless to say, Sarah Langa was slaying and the timeline took time to appreciate her. But of course, South Africa being South Africa, someone had to throw some shade and they did so by making the point that her ex, K.O., could never have kept up with this lifestyle.

It wouldn't have been unreasonable of us to expect her to ignore this tweet but imagine our shock when she unleashed her inner beast and threw more shade on K.O. than a palm tree could provide:


The streets recognised her for the queen that she is when they acknowledged the coldness of her reply. Many people were supportive of her very clear dismissal of the rapper's existence, while others drew comparisons to how Sbahle Mpisane can't remember her own ex-boyfriend.

This isn't the first time that Sarah Langa has appeared to play the amnesia card after being quizzed about her past romance with K.O.

Back when she told the story of how she and her hubby, Jehan met, she revealed that she wasn't single at the time. In an interview with Tshisa Live she said: 

"No. We both weren't (single) when we met but we knew each other in a professional context because I was basically working for him and we never went beyond that work relationship boundary."

And when they asked her if she was dating K.O. at the time, she said "I don't know, I can't recall,".

Imagine fam! It looks as if whatever happened between Sarah Langa and K.O., the influencer and model wants to keep it well in the past and is only focused on her present and future with the delicious Mr Mckay.

Is this the most savage response an ex could have given?

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