Sbahle: I Never Faked My Amnesia

Sbahle shares her struggles & progress

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Sbahle Mpisane  | Drama

It's been nine months since Sbahle was involved in that horrific car accident that nearly claimed her life last year.

And as she continues with her road to recovery, Sbahle, [although she doesn't have to] has been quite open about her progress and setbacks.

The famous fitness bunny has been completely honest about how life has been since the accident, some days are good, but some days are a one-woman battle.  However, with the support of her family, especially her mother, the road to recovery can be bearable.

When the accident became public knowledge, a lot of rumours were floating about, with regards to Sbahle having another passenger in her car and that passenger being deceased.

According to her, and what she saw on social media, people had accused her of murder and faking her amnesia.

Deeply hurt by the accusations, Sbahle, today penned down a long message to her critics and also shared that she's been struggling with memory loss but is getting the best treatment for it.

She began by saying that it deeply saddened her that people claimed she faked her amnesia and that she was a "murderer."
"With sadness I have watched, especially today, how I am vilified, brandished a “murderer” of an unknown passenger in my car and faking my amnesia."

She then shared her daily struggle of trying to regain her memory and how her mother has been such an instrumental part of this part of her life;
"What the naysayers & doom spreaders don’t realize is my daily struggle of regaining control of my life. Waking up from a three-week coma asking my mom Shauwn, if she had informed Michelle (my high school receptionist) that I wasn’t going to come to school."

Sbahle has also revealed that she still does not remember some of the people she used to hang out with.

"I woke up from my coma thinking I had fell down the school stairs. The embarrassment of, to this day, not knowing some of the people I hung out with. My mom put me on a video call recently with Nomzamo Mbatha and I was SO excited that I personally knew “Nomzamo the actress”, not knowing she was a close family friend who months before my accident had put me up in her house in Cape Town."

Sbahle then added that she never faked her amnesia or even her past relationships and ever since she found out about the negative comments that were said about her since the accident, she has decided to distance herself from anything or anyone that does not add value to her road to recovery. She also shared that she has been going for brain treatment, which is helping to stimulate her brain.
"That's my life. Continually piecing it day by day, triggers being a voice, a face or scents. I never faked my amnesia or not having a recollection of my past relationships. Once I gained access to my phone and social media in December, I got exposed to the true nature of it all. I had to choose ME and walk away from anything and anyone that was of NO GOOD to my road to recovery."
Sbahle ended the message by thanking her family and all those who have been and continue to be supportive as she tries hard to put the pieces to her life back together again.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Sbahle_Mpisane