Sbahle Mpisane promises to strip down

Sbahle Mpisane claps back

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Sbahle Mpisane  | Drama

Sbahle Mpisane

It's no secret that Sbahle Mpisane has one of the hottest bodies in Mzanzi, when the Durban based fitness bunny is not giving us tips on how to get into shape, she is hitting the beach while showing off her banging body.

Sbahle posted a video of herself relaxing in a bikini, and as her dedicated followers complimented her for having a great body, one of her followers said that she thought Sbahle was being 'ungodly' saying:

"I like you as Zulu woman. I really do. But this revealing that you do, always, not in the beach, is just ungodly. Child of God," 

The socialite who currently has over 900 000 followers on her Instagram account replied to the hater by asking her to unfollow if she was not pleased with her posts.

"Unfollow babe if seeing me in a bikini is too much heat for u... I'm not living for u. So what must I wear to the beach," she asked. 

Sbahle went on to inquire about what attire would be perfect for the beach, saying that she would later in the week, show her followers what nudity really is if they felt uncomfortable with her wearing a bikini.

"I only reveal when I'm wearing my bikinis so now explain what I must wear at the beach or by the poolside??? Christians are so judgmental, if it ain't godly, then let God be the one to judge not u imperfect human beings. Now we need to walk around the beach fully clothed because you individuals are uncomfortable! Yall mad, I'll show this week what nudity and trap is!"

Take a look at the comments below:

Sbahle Mpisane's clap back
Sbahle Mpisane's instagram post

Sbahle promises to strip down this week but we think that this might be another false promise because her followers are still waiting for her sex tutorial.

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