Did Senzo's wife steal this woman's man?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Senzo Meyiwa  | Drama

So this is an interesting bit of news to kick the morning off. Following Senzo Meyiwa's tragic death, a lot of the focus has been on his relationship with Kelly Khumalo and her role in his death. The two had a child together and were definitely in love, but that hasn't stopped detractors from going after Kelly for every possible reason under the sun. One person whose name has managed to avoid tabloid headlines is Senzo's widow, Mandisa Mkhize. Well, that was until today. 

Sunday World are running an exclusive where a woman from Soweto is claiming that Mandisa wasn't as faithful as we've all assumed. Neo Shale, a whiskey promoter from Soweto, claims that Mandisa was seeing her boyfriend/sugar daddy for weeks- all of this without Senzo knowing a thing. 

Neo's boyfriend was already a married man; which she understood, but when she found out about Mandisa and the man's relationship, Neo was heartbroken. 

"I was so devastated when he told me about Mandisa because I thought I was his only girlfriend, second only to his wife since we have been together for a year."

Apparently this unnamed businessman tried to block Sunday World from releasing the story; oh dear, maybe he was hoping his actual wife wouldn't see the reports? Stay faithful guys, especially if you have money; it becomes so difficult to keep up with your lies and excuses and eventually someone will sell you out to the papers!