Serge Cabonge blesses the Morning Live team

The SABC 2 morning show was lambasted for interviewing the controversial figure 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

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Serge Cabonge blesses the Morning Live team

Following an interview with notorious self-proclaimed "blesser," Serge Cabonge and two other guests during a segment on this morning's episode of the SABC 2 show, Morning Live, news anchor, LeAnne Mannas' had to take to the timeline to distance herself from Cabonge's behaviour.  

According to a tweet sent by Manas after the show, Cabonge "blessed" the morning live team by handing out $100 bills from his expensive designer bag just because he felt like it. 

Serge Cabonge blesses the Morning Live team

According to a report published by The Star, Cabonge was once quoted as saying  he was willing to “bless” a “blessee” who would agree to have unprotected sex with him and that he had the “right to enjoy the power of his money to the fullest.”

Cabonge was a guest alongside notorious author, Jackie Phamotse and David Van Wyk, a Benchmark Foundation researcher (who wrote an article about this phenomenon) to discuss the phenomenon of blessers once again. This after a recent study showed that sites to find sugar daddies are among the most searched for things on the internet in South Africa. 

Cabonge also spoke about his upcoming reality show that is aimed at giving a glimpse into his life but did not give any details about when or where it will be broadcast. He did say, however, that they will be using the show to give society a deeper look at the good and bad parts of the lifestyle, mainly with the aim of opening young women's eyes to the realities of the life. 

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