Shaka Thinks He's The Victim?

Wow, the audacity.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

Although he is one of the most good-looking men on Mzansi Magic's The Queen, Shaka has managed to rub the majority of South African women up the wrong way.

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Anyway, Shaka, who is married to Mmabatho has been cheating on his pregnant wife - yes, pregnant wife - twice in a row now.

He’s been caught several times, but still has the audacity to play the victim and deny that he and Onica (the woman he's cheating with) are having an affair.

The first time Shaka got caught was when Mmabatho found a condom in his wallet. Being the typical man that he is, Shaka lied and said that the condom was from one of the drivers that work for the family business. He then made matters worse by paying Schumacher, who is currently dating Mmabatho's, aunt to lie for him. 

Seriously Shaka?


Thankfully Mmabatho didn't buy the lies and put both Schumacher and Shaka in their place.

You would think that Shaka would've learned his lesson and remained faithful to his wife but nope, he cheated again and this time around he was found in a compromising position at a public toilet.

He then pulled the "It's not what you think" line, which was obviously a lie and after that tried to play mind games with Mmabatho by telling her to stop being angry as it was stressing their unborn baby.

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The Shaka and Mmabatho storyline has now sparked an interesting debate on social media. Some men have come out to confess that there are a number of them who go out to cheat when their wives are pregnant.

While some women have expressed how difficult it is to be in a marriage as a woman.

What are your thoughts on this whole Shaka and Mmabatho situation?

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