Shimza vs Prince Kaybee: whose song is it anyway?

For a song that talks about control, the issue of Club Controller's ownership is..getting out of control.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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Masechaba and Mo Flava took it upon themselves to get to the bottom of the twar between Shimza and Prince Kaybee by solving the mystery that started it all: who does Club Controller belong to. 

When Shimza was asked where his problem with Prince Kaybee started he said Prince Kaybee was being petty merely because Shimza was not accepting it when Prince Kaybe said Club Controller is his. 

"I'm not saying it's stolen. Tira gave me this song in December and it had no name but I kept telling people that this song will be big."  - DJ Shimza


He went on to say that he has no issue with the song and he just felt like Prince Kaybee was just being petty because Shimza was questioning Club Controllers ownership. He went onto deny it even possibly being Prince Kaybee's as he didn't get it from him even though when they were speaking Prince Kaybee kept saying it's his song. 


DJ Tira joined in on the conversation with his own account confirming Shimza's story but also adding that Prince Kaybee asked him to 'take it easy with the song because it was his and he was still working on it'. When asked where he himself got the song DJ Tira said he got it from a friend on Whatsapp. But he did say he didn't get it from Prince Kaybee, in fact the only part that Prince Kaybee claimed to have played a part in is the bass line. 


When asked if there are people who need to be credited who were not, DJ Tira spoke about Volka. When Metro FM tried to reach Prince Kaybee to speak on the matter, he was apparently on TV talking about the very same thing. 


Hhay' it's all getting so fishy. The thing that we're worried about though is the person who actually owns the song not getting what's due to them. Can you imagine the royalties? The income from streams? Like. In the end we hope that all this goodwill trickles to the righteous owner not just the person who 'played bass'. Art shouldn't be free. 

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