Simphiwe Dana dodges R65,000 hotel bill

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Simphiwe Dana  | Drama

Xhosa singer-songwriter Simphiwe Dana has taken legal steps to absolve herself from an outstanding hotel bill of R65 000, which she is said to have accrued alongside businesswoman Lebo Keswa.

According to Sunday World, Dana and Keswa have found themselves in a tight spot after reportedly checking out of The Hamilton Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg without paying their hefty bill.

Dana and Keswa - who in 2012 sparked rumours that they are in a relationship but fervently insisted that they are just friends - reportedly stayed at the swanky hotel for an entire month in 2011, but are now both refusing to accept responsibility for the bill.

The newspaper reports that Dana has hired a legal team in an effort to absolve herself from any legal responsibility to pay the R65 000 owed to The Hamilton.

The singer, who is often call the ‘new Miriam Makeba’, is believed to have written a letter to the hotel with the assistance of her lawyers, in which she admits to her stay there but claims that she was merely a guest of Keswa, who assured her that she wouldn’t have to pay anything because she was in negotiations to buy The Hamilton.

Reads the letter: “Ms Keswa told our client that she in fact was in the process of acquiring the hotel and therefore had an understanding with the hotel in terms of which guests would be paying or not.”

But Keswa reportedly rubbished claims of an outstanding hotel bill when approached for comment and told the publication to leave her alone.

“Stop calling me and asking me about The Hamiliton,” she apparently bellowed.