Simphiwe Dana Opens Up About Countercharge Against Her

The musician handed herself over to the police

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Simphiwe Dana  | Drama

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Musician Simphiwe Dana has issued a statement regarding the counter-assault charges levelled against her by her ex-fiance.

The Bantu Biko Street hitmaker, on 30 December, laid charges of assault and intimidation against her former lover at the Norwood Police station. The musician alleges that her ex-fiance had assaulted her three days prior to laying the charges.

In an Instagram post, Simphiwe explains that her former partner spat in her face, strangled her and threatened to slit her throat.
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However, in a statement issued by the Ndiready hitmaker, she has revealed that on Monday this week she was informed that a countercharge of assault and crimen injuria was laid against her by her ex at the same police station.

Wasting no time, Simphiwe handed herself over to the police and spent some time in the holding cell.

The statement reads in part: “She was informed in light of this development, she would be arrested and imprisoned, as per procedure where such charges are laid. In response, she handed herself to the Norwood Police Station on the 16th of January, and was incarcerated in the holding cells.

"The prosecutor has since declined to prosecute against Ms. Dana, dismissing the flimsy charges and immediately ordered her release. She will continue pursuing the case against her assailant."

Simphiwe Dana also expressed her disappointment in the justice system of our country, explaining that while in the holding cells she met a number of victims who had counter-assault charges laid against them as a scare or intimidation tactic by their abusers.

"The swiftness with which the police respond to the countercharges by imprisoning the survivor serves to perpetuate inequality and revictimization. I have to wonder why the justice system does not allow one process to conclude before addressing the countercharges,” she said.

She further said that she will continue with her case and see it through to the end.

Read the entire statement below:
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