Burnt By Gold Digger Boyfriend!

Simphiwe Dana is speaking out

By  | May 30, 2020, 01:30 PM  | Simphiwe Dana  | Drama

Simphiwe Dana has previously landed in Twitter’s cancel list after she described South African men as gold-diggers. Twitter first pushed for the #SimphiweDanaMustFall, but she was resolute that she said what she said, and meant it too!  

Recently the legendary voice shared her f boy story on Twitter, which was about the father of her two children. 

Yes, in spite of speculations that her two teenage children were fathered by different men, the singer dispelled all those rumours in telling her story. 

The thread starts with the tragic car accident that resulted in Simphiwe’s scarring on her face, which happened while she was still pregnant with her second child. 

The accident was not only a turning point in physical appearance, but it also marked a change in the decisions she made for herself and her then young children. 

The biggest choice she made at the time was finally deciding to buy her family a home, instead of renting.  

But another monumental change it marked was the end of her relationship with the artist father of her children.

Not because her beauty had altered, but because she stopped bankrolling a grown man.

Image credit: Instagram @simphiwedana