Sjava claps back at Tweleb

Just because he makes soft music for the ladies don't think Sjava won't snatch your wig.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Sjava  | Drama

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With Sjava getting featured on almost every other track, winning awards and releasing great music, you would think that people would appreciate the artist's craft.

But as the song goes, haters are gone hate...hate..hate...hate..

..alright, back to the subject at hand, so we all know how people tend to take shots at each other on social media right?

And that usually ends up in a joke where everybody laughs and moves on OR it turns out to become a full blown twar that turns real ugly and gets hung up on the Twitter wall of fame with all the other feuds that have happened in the past.

And now, Sjava will not only be known for his great music but for that Twitter scuffle.

Sjava 2

A tweleb by the name of Daniel Marven, sent shots to ladies who listen to Sjava by stating that women who listen to the rapper do not shave. Which was also a shot at Sjava who is known to grow out his beard.

Sjava did not take lightly to the tweet and sent out a few rather harsh words towards Daniel.

Sjava 2

Then Twitter had an absolute field day with the twar and began adding their own opinions about Sjava's beard as well.

But of course, there were those who were on Sjava's side who also reprimanded Daniel for his comment.


But someone solved that problem and drew some eyebrows and a beard on the supposed tweleb who started the twar.

Sigh! South Africa, the land of no chill.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Sjava_atm

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