Sjava Shrugs Off Fashion Critics

It's all about the music for Sjava

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Sjava  | Drama

International hitmaker (don't @ Me) Sjava has opened up about one of the most contentious areas of his personality: his dress sense.

Ever since the Ambitiouz Entertainment star rose to fame, people have had something to say about his hair, or his beard, or his outfit, or his shoes. I mean, sure, his music receives almost universal acclaim but all of the criticism appears to be reserved for his fashion choices.

Speaking to Tshisa Live this week, Sjava revealed that he does not cave into the social pressures that many place on him. The uMama star revealed that if he has an outfit for a public appearance, he will wear it; but he won't stretch himself to always "slay".

The singer said:

"If I have one suit only, I will wear it repeatedly. What else must I do? I won't be that guy running around from designer to designer begging for clothes I can't afford. That's how we always find people making the papers – for owing designers post events like Durban July and such. For me, it's simple. Just put on what you have and go to that event. At the same time, I want to be known for the music and nothing else."

He believes that his biggest advantage comes from the fact that he entered the entertainment industry at a young age and is now privy to some of the unnecessary pressures of fame.

"I think it was an advantage on my part that I entered into this industry already matured and having observed what happens from the outside. If you are an artist, you are expected to never repeat clothes and to buy new clothes all the time ... But in reality that is my shirt, you know. Why must I be told how many times to wear it? There's no way that I can slay every day. That's just unnecessary pressure."

Sjava instead appears to be focused on the more important things of his career, such as producing consistently good music and being there for his mother.

However, when he does dress up, Sjava dresses up PROPERLY. Remember the time he wore a R47,000 jacket to an awards show? 

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