Mac Gee Releases Statement After Tweeps Drag Him

The fashion designer has admitted his shortcomings

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 04:12 PM  | Sjava  | Drama

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The power of Black Twitter is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to dragging those who are wrong and need to be brought to book.

Alleged fashion designer but a proven fraudster, Macc Gee almost duped Sjava and a few celebrities but thanks to Black Twitter FBI he was stopped right in his tracks. Macc Gee took to Twitter to promote his combos are communicating gear that had many celebrities salivating to get their hands on his merchandise.

Tweeps, however, had other thoughts when it came to Macc Gee and took to the comments and called out the alleged fashion designer and his business partner for not delivering the merchandise after they have paid for the clothes.

It's very hard to ignore Black Twitter and it seems Macc Gee has heard all the complaints as on Monday he released a statement recognising and accepting that he has let his clients and supporters down

Macc Gee, in a statement apologised for his business's shortcomings and gave an explanation as to what happened to create the problems customers experienced.

"Earlier on in my business, I had poor back-end systems and challenged with production delays that affected my business operations severely. I made some decisions that led me down a rabbit hole that soon caught up with me. Such as prioritising earlier orders at the expense of older ones. None of which was an excuse for the poor communication nor the responsibility of my client to bear. I can admit that I was overwhelmed and at times out of my depth," read the statement.

The designer added that he takes the comments with "the seriousness they deserve" and announced that he will be rebuilding his brand and pausing all operations for the next 7-14 days.

"I will also be taking up necessary consultations and investing in resources to better manage my backlog," said Macc Gee.

He also said that he would be taking the time to find all his aggravated clients and provide adequate timelines to remedy the situation.

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