Skolopad needs motivation to stop posting nudes in 2018

She’s even taken on meditation to help her with the dilemma

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Skolopad  | Drama

In conversation with Queen Skolopad

Last month, the socialite and “musician” mentioned that she would be leaving nudity behind come 2018

and some people were quite delighted to hear that she’ll be more clothed in the new year.

But it seems like Skolopad has found herself in a dilemma on whether she really wants to stop posting nudes of herself on social media.

Although she’s taken on meditation to “help” her put a stop to her nudity marathon, the socialite has mentioned that she needs something stronger to help her stop posting nudes in 2018.

And how can people help her to achieve this? By liking this picture below:


Skolopad mentioned that if she can get 50 thousand likes for this picture on her Instagram account she may stop posing nude for the entire nation.

Wow, Skolopad never seizes to amaze us.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Skolopad