Skolopad's suspected suicide attempt

She insists her overdose was just a mistake 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Skolopad  | Drama

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Skolopad's suspected suicide attempt

Controversial South African entertainer and nurse, Skolopad, seems to have recently run into some drama at work which led to what has been billed as an overdose that she is currently recovering from.  

She took to Instagram to post an image of herself in scrubs along with the caption "she couldn't resist seeing me in theater ,then immediately tell me go out and shout "I don't want you in my ward and I hate you""

Skolopad's suspected suicide attempt

According to a report published by Times Live, she was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after an argument with a colleague for which she took an overdose of anti-anxiety pills. 

She confirmed to the publication that she was receiving counselling and stressed the fact that this was not a suicide attempt. 

"When I got home, I took some pills. Mostly anti-anxiety pills but pills that I had. It's pills I usually take when I am angry and need to calm down, so I took a couple of them. I feel like I need to rest for a long time... even if it's forever. Yes. I have wanted to die many times before. I have attempted to jump off the hospital roof top. I just didn't make it. This time I just wanted to rest," said Skolopad.

She went on to reveal that she has been battling feelings of hopelessness and despair for a while now and that the fight pushed her over the edge. 

"I was really, really hurt. I cried a lot in their presence but they told me to rather go back to the ward and work or go home so I could calm down. I asked them to resign because I feel like nothing I ever ask for at work is ever approved. I have asked for so many things, things that really matter and have merit where my job is concerned but I am constantly shot down or made empty promises. What have I done wrong as a nurse? Nothing," added Skolopad.

At least she's getting professional help... 

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