Somizi Isn't Satifsfied With #UyaJola99

Is it the show or Somizi doesn't like Moss?

By  | Sep 25, 2020, 03:47 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Shortly after Somizi was celebrated for his philanthropy and being a humanitarian for supporting the Mchunu family - Twitter was back already on Somizi for sharing his dissatisfaction with the latest episode on #UyaJola99.
He shared two tweets which both emphasized his disappointment and said he regrets not to have followed his gut which was against watching the reality show, this Sunday.

He shared in his tweet, “Also as a gay man, I can tell u for free that if this scenario was authentic. Trust me hell wud have broken loose. There will be dust all over. Cameras broken. we wud be on ep 2 of ep1. Phela eyamadoda ayipheli. Kudlalwa ngathi la. #uyajola99
According to Somizi, he believes that the show is staged. He believes that if the production was authentic, the episodes would take longer resolving the same matter.

But black Twitter begs to differ with his opinion. The tweet was dragged and Twitter users started questioning if Somizi isn’t a fan of the show or isn’t the fan of Moss, the co-presenter of the show. The popular Black Twitter Advocate (@AdvoBarryRoux) ran a Twitter poll and it turns out, supporters of the reality show prefer Moss
Somizi was called out by one user, “Sexuality has nothing to do with it, anger is equally distributed to all sexual groups. not all gay people express emotions in that way, it is a wrong stereotype speak 4 yourself bro.”

According to the user, he believes that it is wrong of Somizi to associate sexuality with violence as people are different.
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