Sophie Ndaba inspired Zinhle Mabena to become an actress

Sophie encouraged the young actress to go after her dreams

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Sophie Lichaba  | Drama

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Zinhle Mabena

Ever since she was a little girl, Zinhle Mabena knew that she was destined to be in front of the camera.

Her talent to perform was spotted by her mother and brother who believed in her gift and moulded her into becoming what she wants to be.

It is also thanks to actress & businesswoman - Sophie Ndaba that we have the pleasure of seeing Zinhle on our TV screens

Zinhle Mabena

In an interview on uKhwekwhezi FM - Zinhle shared that she had once spoken to Sophie about her dream of becoming an actress and Sophie encouraged her that she could but she first had to hit the books.

“I remember meeting up with Sophie Ndaba at some point and I told her that I want to be an actress just like you, and she told me that I could do it, but she also told me that I needed to go to school. At that time I was about six or seven years old and that’s how just continued following my dream.”

If you didn’t know Zinhle Mabena’s first big gig on TV was her role on which aired on SABC 1.

It was her first drama series and lead role.

“I had the opportunity of breaking into the entertainment industry with a big role, it was my first opportunity and I had absolutely no experience whatsoever of the television industry. I didn’t know what a director or a D.O.P does, I didn’t know what a sound-man does but I learned from there and I can say that that was the beginning of greener pastures for me,” said Zinhle.

But she admits that the character was a very challenging but because of the amazing team that backed her up helped her through the process.

Main image credit: Instagram/@ZinhleMabena

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