Stogie T defends Gandhi in Twitter Rant

And it didn't go down too well

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Stogie T  | Drama

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Stogie T was in a political mood this week as he stoked a fire that has burned many a South African - the topic of Indian Activist, Mahatma Gandhi.

Now, this is a particularly sensitive topic for many South Africans because while the world hails Mahatma Gandhi as a peaceful lover of freedom and humanity whose activism changed the lives of many, a lot of people in Mzansi remember a different side. In short, Gandhi's inflammatory comments about ka****s have led many to label the activist a racist.

One person who feels quite strongly about the man's morals is Gigi Lamayne who exposed Gandhi's racist utterances in a post earlier this year:

So you get it - a lot of people in Mzansi are not big fans of Gandhi. However, in a bid to educate us and apply further context, Tumi Molekane, AKA Stogie T, took to the timeline to share a perspective that rarely ever gets the same amount of noise.

Tumi sparked the controversial discussion when he wrote on Twitter, " Its important to say that Ghandi was racist when he arrived in South Africa as a young Indian man who had never met black Africans. However, once his ideas were fully formed he changed his views. Only a race bating, lazy, unthinking Neanderthal would call a Ghandi racist. "

Aside from the fact that he was spelling Gandhi's name wrong repeatedly, a number of followers grossly disagreed with the rapper's point of view. Alas, he continued. First by quoting Nelson Mandela:

And then by leaving us with some valuable reading:

A number of fans actually agreed with Stogie's point of view, including Loyiso Gola who claimed that the hate of Gandhi was the result of a constant witch hunt. Others, however, pleaded with the rapper to delete his comments.

One person tried to use his own logic against him...

Others just felt as if Tumi was treading on sensitive territory:

It's safe to say that Tumi's opinion on Gandhi is definitely divisive. Do you feel as if Gandhi should be forgiven because he changed his ways after reaching "enlightenment"?

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