Video: Suits actor causes pandemonium

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

The MultiChoice City Atrium was at an absolute standstill when Suits actor, Gabriel Macht, made an appearance on Monday afternoon at the venue.

Employees of the pay media company dropped everything they were doing to get a glimpse of one of the finest men to ever wear a suit. The ladies were falling all over each other just to take a picture with a very humble Gabriel.

During the press conference, Gabriel surprised us by mentioning that he actually wasn't quite fond of wearing suits before acting on the series.

"I gotta say, when I started on the show, suits for me were basically wedding and funerals. I wouldn't be caught in a suit unless I was playing a character or going to an event. With that said now I'm on the show I get to wear the most beautiful suits in the world."

For the rest of the footage, click on the video below.