Syleena Johnson not ready for African Lions

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Syleena Johnson  | Drama

Syleena Johnson is sceptical about visiting Joburg's famous Lion Park - saying "she's not trying to die".

Johnson - who is in South Africa for the Women of Note concert in Bloemfontein - says she was warned about the 'vicious' wild animals by customs staff at OR Tambo when she landed on Tuesday. 

The press conference was awkwardly brief as journalists refrained from asking questions, but the Grammy award-winning songbird broke the tension as she animatedly verbalised her worries about visiting the Lion Park. 

Johnson says she "ain't got time for that", referring to the June incident where Game of Thrones editor, Katherine Chappell, was killed by a lion after leaving her window open while driving through the park

Her concern was quite surprising as most Americans are excited to see wild animals when visiting the Motherland.

Image Credit: Facebook