Former SA Idols contestant admits to being a polygamist

He got himself a girlfriend in each city.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Tebogo Louw  | Drama

Former SA Idols contestant admits to being a polygamist

Sometimes, when an artist tackles certain subject matters, they often deny it having too much to do with their personal lives, and often hide behind the excuse that it was "just a song," "just a show" or "just a scene"...

... but that is not the case with former idols contestant, Tebogo Louw, who admitted to living out the scenario he details in his latest single, 'Not Asking', off his 11-track album, titled 'Ageless'. The song is about being in a relationship with two girls and how he’s accepted his love for both ladies.

Speaking to journalist, Qhama Dayile, Louw confirmed that life imitated art in this case, stating “the song was inspired by my relationships. I live in Pretoria and I’ve been dating my girlfriend in Cape Town for four years. I also have a girlfriend in Johannesburg who I’ve been dating since June last year.” 

He eventually decided to come clean for some reason, deciding to speak to each lady individually first before asking if they would be willing to meet each other. They agreed but the meeting reportedly did not go well. 

They have since heard the song and although they're aren't too thrilled about it, Louw says they respect his artistic duties. 

He has no regrets about his life choices and reiterates that although he is not the only man dating two or more women at the same time, he is one of the few who are honest about it. 

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