More on the things you didn't know about Thabile Mbele

We get to know more about Thabile Mbele

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Thabile Mbele

With a number of Journalists of The Year Awards in her name and a budding career as an SABC news anchor, we've come to learn that there's more to Thabile Mbele than her just reporting on news.

In our second part trivia about the journalist, we find out more about her interests and love for traveling.

You would think that with such a budding career in journalism, Thabile would be more interested in traveling abroad to exotic holiday destinations like Dubai or Bali. But Thabile is an around-the-way girl who actually loves taking a short left to numerous local holiday destinations in South Africa as well.

I love traveling locally and abroad. My favourite local destination is Drakensberg. I've been there countless times but I still love it to bits. We are going back there next month to unwind. The best holiday was my 30th birthday present to myself, a trip to Egypt and Rome in Italy. As a staunch member of the Catholic Church it's always been my dream to visit the Vatican City in Italy and I did just that. 

Thabile is also a mother to a two-year-old girl by the name of Abusisiwe

I'm a mother to a two-year-old smart, beautiful and busy little human, Abusiswe. She's actually quite the opposite of me. She looks like her dad, she's loving & caring. She's a girly girl who likes doing her hair, nails, dressing up, posing for pictures etc. Motherhood is life changing in different ways. It has taught me love, patience, to appreciate life and simple things and most importantly never to judge any parent. I'm one of the few to admit that while motherhood is fulfilling but yho, it's actually quite challenging hey but we learn every day and become better by the day. I salute single parents as well.

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Thabile Mbele

She actually does not like cooking at all.

I don't like cooking and cleaning and everything related to house chores. I've never been that girl. I love the whole concept of job creation, getting someone to do it and pay them. I'm warming up to cooking and trying out new stuff in the kitchen ONLY BECAUSE my husband appreciates it so much. 

Thabile Mbele

Now this is one woman to definitely look up to if you want a career in the media industry.

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