Tbo Touch's Attempt To Inspire Flops

Tbo Touch's tweet left Mzansi heated

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Thabo "Tbo Touch" Molefe  | Drama

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Here we go again with Mr Tbo Touch and his controversial commentary again. The last time Tbo Touch said something, Sizwe Dlomo amongst others were so ready to correct him-or drag him.

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Tbo Touch isn't one to keep quiet about much, so just like any other time he felt it necessary to share his thoughts on salaries and pay increases.

This may have been Tbo Touch's attempts to inspire and motivate the people of Mzansi but the tweet came off unrelatable and had many of us rolling our eyes to the unsolicited advice.

As social media does so well, the tweeps didn't waste time in dragging him back to his place and telling him exactly where to get off.

Sizwe Dlomo, much like the last "twar", was so ready to clap back.

And just like last time, Sizwe Dlomo had a bandwagon full of agreeing participants.

Jah neh, some things are better left unsaid in these Twitter streets unless you have the call-a-friend option to verify your tweet before clicking 'Post".

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