Thapelo Mokoena: Back like he never left

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Thapelo Mokoena  | Drama

Thapelo Mokoena shocked many when he revealed that he was a victim of a hit and run incident in January.

Although the actor made it clear that he had no interest in holding any interviews with the media, Thapelo has been keeping people posted on his recovery process.

The fitness junky has been reminding his body who the boss is after sharing vigorous exercise videos of himself hitting the gym - from cycling, to lifting up his own body weight - it’s clear as day that whoever tried to bring Thapelo down has dismally failed.

Back at it again with the stomach crunches


A brother back like he forgot something 🌍🎬✊

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 Some of us have never had a leg injury but Thapelo can sure give us a run for our money. The man is a machine in the gym.

Mind over matter

Whilst you're slouching on your couch he's cycling 


A brother back like he never left 🚲🌍🎬

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Although we're glad he has recovered well, Thapelo might've disappointed some of his followers when he shared an image of himself and his fellow Ayeye actors, Jessica Nkosi and Sthembiso Khoza.

In the image, he admitted that he does not know when a second season of Ayeye will come back, or if it will even happen.

"I don't know when Ayeye is coming back, if at all.Sometimes we gotta just keep it moving nahmean?" read the caption.

Oh well... nonetheless, it was a great show.

Image Credit: Instagram