Is The Big Hash Threatening Twitter With Legal Action?

The rapper has finally responded to the allegations that he was responsible for the death of a fan.

By  | May 27, 2020, 04:28 PM  | The Big Hash  | Drama

It has been a week since The Big Hash trended on social media for allegedly causing the death of a fan.  The Big Hash allegedly asked one of his fans to sniff paprika during his live sessions to prove how much he adore the young rapper. But a few hours after the live was ended, it was alleged that the young man had passed on due to the dare by The Big Hash.  

Following the backlash, The Big Hash had first addressed the matter without realizing the of the fans death would be placed on him with a Instagram story saying, “So I just found out that of my fans has just passed on.  

He was on my live just this past Saturday. A young, aspiring rapper who had his future in front of him.  I hope it’s not true.”

In a now since deleted post the rapper posted his first statement addressing the backlash on Twitter.  The Big Hash tweeted, “Don’t play with death. Lies spread faster than the truth. No one works harder than haters. Stunts are fake, but lawsuits are real. Watch Twitter keep quiet about this though. But like I said, you’ll be hearing from my legal team shortly. Goodnight”

It is still unclear whether his post was suggesting that there was a specific culprit behind the alleged fake story, or that The Big Hash meant that he is pursuing legal against the social media platforms.   

Twitter screenshot

Image credit: Instagram @thebighash