The Makhosi MaShelembe Story

Whose side of the story are you on?

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Makhosi MaShelembe, The Makhosi MaShelembe Story

Who exactly is Makhosi MaShelembe?

Makhosi MaShelembe gained popularity when she appeared on the Mzansi Magic reality show Mnakwethu which is hosted by Musa Mseleku and documents the journey of married men introducing polygamy to their current wives.

In the episode, MaShelembe’s husband, Bheki Langa, went on the show to seek renowned polygamist Musa Mseleku’s help in breaking the news to MaShelembe that he was getting a second wife.

On top of feeling blindsided by her husband and his family, Langa’s new wife, Hlengwie MaSithole, was disrespectful and rude to MaShelembe, who decided to pack up her things and leave.

Makhosi MaShelembe’s story touched a lot of people's hearts who vowed to support her through her pregnancy as she was expectant during the whole saga.

Did Makhosi MaShelembe divorce Langa? 

Langa and MaShelembe

Following the couple’s drama on television, MaShelembe’s family spoke up, saying that they did not consider Bhaka Langa as their son-in-law since he had not paid lobola for their daughter; he had only paid damages for getting her pregnant.

In a story that was covered by The Daily Sun in September 2021, the family revealed that they felt humiliated by Langa, who decided to pay lobola for another woman before paying for their daughter, who had been living with him for longer. As a result, they had convinced their daughter to walk away from Langa.

After leaving Langa’s home, Makhosi MaShelembe said that she still loved her husband and would return to her matrimonial home once they settled. Her husband, on the other hand, denied claims that MaShelembe had left him, saying that they were still in contact at the time.

MaShelembe’s baby showers

Makhosi MaShelembe at her baby shower, credit: Facebook

After Makhosi Mashelembe’s story of humiliation at the hands of her husband and his new wife trended, she gained sympathy from the public, especially women from a Facebook page called The Ladies House who felt for her.

After leaving her matrimonial home, she was thrown not one but two baby showers in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The second baby shower was even attended by Musa Mseleku and one of his wives- MaCele.

The baby showers were, however, not without some drama to spice it up. After the second baby shower, it was reported that R20, 000 had been stolen, and the suspect was the organizer.  

Makhosi MaShelembe welcomed her healthy baby boy in November 2022, and it appears that she is raising him on her own.

Makhosi MaShelembe’s exit from Mnakwethu

MaShelembe on the show, credit: Twitter

In January 2022, Makhosi MaShelembe’s story continued to gain momentum after she decided to leave the Mnakwethu show.

According to sources, her decision to leave was sparked by the prolonged conflict with her husband.

Langa, who had promised the show that he and his wives would be available for all the show's seasons, and according to him, MaShelembe had agreed to the arrangement her family had advised and blocked her from appearing on the show.

The estranged husband also said that MaShelembe’s family had hired lawyers who sent notice to Langa asking him to refrain from contacting and trying to coerce MaShelembe to appear on the show. According to Langa, attempts to reach out to MaShelembe had been unsuccessful as he was chased away by her relatives when he tried to visit the family with the crew.

It appears that MaShelembe’s story might be finally coming to an end, for now, at least. But we would also like to hear from you. What do you think of the whole MaShelembe’s story, and on whose side are you on- MaShelembe, her husband, or the new co-wife, MaSithole?

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