The top nudity stories of 2018

Eyes were wide open and jaws dropped.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

Whenever nude pictures of celebs surface on the net, it always becomes a topic of discussion. It's always interesting to see how Marie Claire always breaks the internet almost every year with their Naked Issues.

This year was no different as they launched their #DearBody campaign featuring a number of our media personalities and influencers.

These ladies stripped down for the annual Marie Claire naked Issue in the hopes of leading the charge in body positivity by writing personalised letters to their bodies, showing appreciation and apologising for all the times they ill-treated their bodies.

These were just some of our favourite looks from the campaign:

Michelle Mosalakae
Instagram embed

Lalla Hirayama
There also also that time when Kaya FM's Thabo "Tbose" Mokwele showed off his wife's body.


Thabo unfortunately then found himself getting judged on social media for posting the above nude photo of Mapaseka.

Things turned ugly when social media users lied by spreading malicious rumours about the picture. The rumour was that the image was of Thabo's alleged side chick, which was completely false. The couple quickly reprimanded those who were spreading the lie.

A month later, Thabo went on to Trending SA and elaborated on why he posted the photo.

In a nutshell, the nude photo was a post that stemmed out of love and appreciation for his wife, it's unfortunate that some people turned it into something that it was not.

Babes Wodumo


This throwback nude picture of Babes Wodumo caused so much ruckus on social media it trended for hours on end.

Who can forget Malusi Gigaba's leaked "sex tape"? Now that's something we'll never ever forget!

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Babes_Wodumo