"Somebody is out to destroy me" says Isibaya's Thembi Nyandeni

The actress is furious after reportedly being mistaken for the woman in a recent sex tape that has been doing the rounds 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Thembi Nyandeni  | Drama

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"Somebody is out to destroy me" says Isibaya's Thembi Nyandeni

Sometime last week, an explicit sex tape featuring an elderly woman started doing the rounds and many started assuming that it was Isibaya actress, Thembi Nyandeni (who plays Mkabayi Zungu) based on the appearance of the woman in the video. 

We have seen the video, which features the woman in question performing fellatio on her partner and exposing her genitals to the camera, and can understand why many would think it's Nyandeni but the actress says that it's not her. 

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Nyandeni confirmed that she had seen the video and thought that it was disgusting before adding, "I’m 63 years old and cannot be doing such distasteful sex scenes. Somebody is out to destroy me!”

She reiterated that she is not even in a relationship and would like to track down the people responsible for leaking the video (and presumably alleging that it is her) so that she can pursue legal action against them. 

"I have morals. I have rules and regulations that I live by on a daily basis. I don’t play games with my body. Even on set, I don’t do intimate scenes where I’d have to kiss a man,” said Nyandeni. 

In an effort to further distance herself from the video, the actress explained the difference in appearance between her and the woman in the video.

“My hair is not even that long. I always keep short hair. That body cannot be mine. The person in that video is also wearing rings, which is a thing I don’t do,” she said.

At this point, we don't even know what to think. No judgement though. Even she (the woman in the video) decided to engage in such acts and film them, she is an adult and who are we to judge?

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