Thembisile Ntaka on the hardships she endured during her teenage pregnancy

It hasn't been a rosey life for Thembisile

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Thembisile Ntaka  | Drama

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Vocalist, Thembisile speaks on the bad treatment she used to receive from her aunt after having a child at a young age.

Undoubtedly one of the strongest vocalists to ever come from former Coca-Cola pop-stars group - Adilah, Thembisile after a long period of silence returned to the music scene with a new image and confidence that has seen her perform on many stages and receive a lot of interviews.

Her latest interview on Metro FM had her speaking not only about her music but also about the hardships she received from her family when she got pregnant at age 17.

Thembisile Ntwaka's d

Thembisile spoke about how she was raised by her aunt who wasn't exactly rich, the singer expressed how disappointed her aunt was at her getting pregnant at a young age.

"I was raised by my aunt, my aunt that doesn't work a very paying job. And because of the life that we were living, I wasn't supposed to be looking at any boys in the first place, so the treatment that I got from my aunt and the way she was so disappointed and even in my church was rough."

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Thembisile shared how back at home her family members had even stopped talking to her as they felt that they had tried to give her a brighter future but she then went on to get pregnant.

Thembisile Ntwaka's d

The singer spoke about how she was ill-treated by her aunt during and after the birth of her daughter.

"Even when she was sending me to town, she would tell me to go buy this and that and I would ask her to please look after my child then she would just say 'Haai if you didn't have a child this wouldn't be happening you must go with your child!!!'

Then I would find myself carrying my child on my back to town and doing everything that I was supposed to do in town. They almost made it like my child didn't exist, they were not acknowledging the fact that I was a mother. To them, I was a daughter that disappointed them." 

Thembisile Ntwaka

Thembisile explained that the experience made her stronger and has taught her to have an open relationship with her child and learn from her mother's mistakes.

Thembisile also clarified that she has forgiven her aunts treatment towards her.

In terms of being in the industry Thembisile also made it clear that she is a very private person and has no interest in being a part of the inner-circle peers of the music industry.

"I'm a very chilled person, I'm all for the music not for the industry I love my life private as it is. I love that my best friends are not in the music industry, I don't do parties unless I'm performing unless I'm nominated or unless I'm meeting someone important or they're a potential client. Either than that I don't show up for what I'm not for." Said the singer.

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