"At First I Was So Hurt"

Thomas Gumede is not impressed at all

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Thomas Gumede  | Drama

While shows such as The River enjoy seventeen SAFTA nominations, the same cannot be said about Mzansi Magic's AboMama which was created by Parental Advisory Productions (P.A.P) and directed by  - Thomas Gumede.

On Wednesday, Thomas expressed how hurt he was that AboMama, which received a positive reaction from the public, did not receive even one SAFTA nomination from all the categories, irregardless of how popular it was.

"So #Abomama did not get even ONE nomination at the @SAFTAS1. Out of all the categories and all the shows nominated, a panel sat and decided that there was not a single thing that was done right on one of the highest rating dramas on Mzansi Magic." He tweeted.

Thomas continued to share that he thought that they had entered for the SAFTAs incorrectly but after further investigation he found that they had done everything right hence his confusion over why AboMama had not been nominated.

He even shared screenshots of their entry approval.

He then explained that he shared the screenshots as he wanted everyone who supported the show to know that from their side, everything was done correctly and it was the panel that didn't believe they did anything right with AboMama.

Thomas was then encouraged by his supporters to not be discouraged by SAFTAs snub as he and the P.A.P team continue to do great work for South Africa's television industry.

These are just some of the encouraging words Thomas received from people;

"Well as ashilo u Drake the accolades are based on the opinions of a few individuals.  Your work is loved and appreciated by us the masses and we salute you, and are grateful for great storytelling."

While another person commented by adding P.A.P doesn't need the SAFTAs to validate its talent.

"PAP needs to SAFTA to validate its authenticity & talent, you guys are black excellence..keep grafting! The content your are producing is nothing short of creative."

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ThomasGumede