Thuso Mbedu on life without a mother

She carries the memories with her 

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Thuso Mbedu on life without a mother

Anyone who has experienced Thuso Mbedu's work can attest to the fact that she has a knack for conveying emotion. Most specifically, pain... but, recent revelations about losing her mother could explain how she is able to do this. 

In a recent interview on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast with DJ Fresh, the Emmy Award-nominated actress opened up about some of the most painful parts of her life. 

Mbedu lost her mother when she was just four years old after her mother lost a long battle with a brain tumour. She told the Fresh Breakfast team recalling how her mother made her and her sister spend more and more time with their grandmother towards the end of her life as a way of preparing them for a life without her.

“Because I was so young, I didn’t realize what having a mom or not having a mom meant until I got to varsity. The first time I cried over having lost my mother was in university,” explained Mbedu. 

This happened after she was allowed to relive her mother's funeral through a past video taken during the funeral proceedings. 

“At some point, I think in high school, our gran made us watch the video of the funeral because I knew nothing. I cried when I saw the little, 4-year-old girl who had lost her mother because she didn’t know what life would bring to her,” she said.

Because she was so young, she has very little memory of her mother's illness but she says she recalls one very specific event which was the night her mother had a stroke and had to be carried to the hospital. “My sister said that before she passed away, she called us to her and made us say the Lord ’s Prayer with her and then she told her sister that she is going home.”

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