The top Twitter vents of the week

They spoke their mind and we heard them loud and clear.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama


Nowadays you don't need to hold your tongue for no one, especially with platforms like Twitter at your disposal.You can literally whip your phone out, open the app and flip the zap at anyone who may have rubbed you off the wrong way or if you simply just want to vent for a simple 220 characters.

However, Twitter can be filled with a whole bunch of unnecessary noise, but when we see certain people vent with a valid reason we listen.

Exhibit A:

This Tweet by Phila Madlingozi is a topic that has been spoken about a lot behind these entertainment closed-doors. Glad to see him and a few other artists speak the truth.

Yes Phila!


Exhibit B:

Then there was TV producer - Olwethu whom some may remember from his days as a commentator on Vuzu's 10 over 10.

Olwethu had a few choice words about the idea of following celebrities and thinking that they are entitled to us as the public.

We can't lie, Olwethu was tweeting the gospel here. We do tend to expect too much from our faves.

This hit home

And then he just had to end it off with this spicy outro. We were never ready. Olwethu is part of a TV production team that has produced some of your favourite local reality shows like Living The Dream With Somizi and Being Bonang.

Main Image credit: Instagram/@PhilaMadlingozi