Trevor Noah: There was a time when all we could afford was morogo and masonja

From Steyn City to New York City... Anele's Real Talk Interview with Trevor Noah was as awesome as we expected it to be!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

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Trevor Noah and Anele Mdoda

A large part of Trevor Noah’s Real Talk with Anele interview revolved around the fact that Noah isn’t phased by not being liked, but, considering how much more we love him after this incredibly real interview, we only have one question:

How can you not like Trevor Noah?!

"I spent my life not being liked, I grew up not being liked... I only know how to be an outsider," said the comedian.  

This was in response to Mdoda’s question about America’s reaction to him taking over from John Stewart on the daily show. "We don't like new things that seem to replace what we love," explained Noah.  

"I've never been a fan of the facade. I want people to understand that we are all capable of anything."

The interview itself was full of incredible quotables from Noah, proving once again that no matter how far he may go in life, he might always remain the relatable comedian we have come to know and love.  

One of the parts of the interview that seems to have been quoted the most online is the part where Noah and Mdoda spoke about the importance of money in our lives, especially for those coming from a poor background.  

"The one thing people never talk about is when you've been poor and you finally get money... The fear of losing it... People who've always been rich don't know what that feels like and people who've always been poor also don't know what that feels like," said Noah.

He has gone through a lot on his way to where is now, including having to make a career choice when he was younger that led him to this point. He once had to choose between a set job doing radio at YFM and a chance to do stand-up comedy for a week and he went with comedy. Thank goodness for that leap of faith despite the fact that everyone in his life at that time told him that he was crazy.

Trevor Noah

"If you are happy when the people like you then that means you must be sad when the people don't like you"

His contentment with not being liked seems to stem from the fact that he made his way up from rock bottom and he understands that things can never be worse than they were.

Including the fact that his mother put his life in context for him when he was younger just after he had complained that all they were eating at the time was morogo and masonja. 

She told him that she used to get so hungry sometimes that she would go down to the river and eat the clay from the river bed back home in the Eastern Cape as a child in order to fill her up in addition to the little that her family could afford.

Noah also spoke candidly about his personal experience of domestic abuse and his thoughts on the matter. Needless to say, he is vehemently against it and has the kinds of thoughts on the matter that we wish all men would have.

The lessons from his mother didn’t end there. She also taught him how to talk to women, how differently men and women communicate and love languages.

Although they don't seem to have had as much of a relationship, Trevor also learned a lot from his father who he often speaks about in his shows and his book - Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood.

True to his nature, Noah also waxed lyrical about the potential of the country as compared to the states and said that that is one of the things he misses the most about the country.

Even though he didn’t make it home for the MAMAs (yes, we’re still not over that), we’re just glad to know that he misses home.

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