uKhozi FM Presenter Survives Gunshots

Tshata is lucky to have escaped unharmed.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Tshatha Ngobe  | Drama

Imagine one morning, you are going about your usual routine as you head to work and then before you know it, your whole life comes flashing right before your eyes.

Such unfortunate incident befell one of Mzansi's most loved radio personalities, Khathide Ngobe, commonly known as Tshatha in these streets. The Ukhozi FM breakfast co - host was going about his day in the morning when suddenly he was chased by unknown men in a vehicle behind his.

He then sped off in an attempt to save himself from possible gunshots. Tshatha mentioned that, he was left confused as to whether it was bad timing on his end, as these men were on their way to carry out their evil deeds or he was an actual target, hence they kept following him. The radio jock continued to add that, it was only after he quickly took another road, that the attackers lost track of him.

Taking to Instagram, Tshatha posted an image of his car with bullet holes on it.

He continued to write the following:
''This is the damage done by the shootings, whereby I almost lost my life. It became clear to me that as they were aggressively shooting at me, they had actually wanted to rob me of my car, but I sped off at once.I thank God for having spared my life.''

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Though we live vicariously through our favourite celebrities, it goes to prove just how much they are not immune to life's traumatic events.

A few years ago, South African award-winning musician, Vusi Nova fell victim of a hijacking, whereby his eye got injured in the process. Vusi was abducted by a few men in a VW Polo at around 5am. Upon contact with the press, The Asiphelelanga hitmaker's team confirmed that indeed he was hijacked whilst travelling with four other people in his car and that a gunshot had gone off.

Vusi Nova was later found at Brixton Police Station.

Clearly, the Gods were on Tshata's side when this ordeal befell him. Now his loyal followers can look forward to hearing him blazing the airwaves in the morning.

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/Mctshatha