Tumi Morake: The people at Jacaranda FM are not stupid they hired me for a reason

Tumi Morake sticks to her guns.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Tumi Morake  | Drama

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The comedian has been under fire after listeners of Jacaranda FM accused her of making racists remarks on her show with Martin Bester.

The commotion began after a conversation was opened up after the cancellation of a show titled 'Afrikaans is Lekker' which airs in New Zealand. Steve Hofmeyr was the headline act of the show and was the topic of discussion in the conversation.

According to Jacaranda FM Tumi spoke honestly about her feelings when it comes to conversations about culture and that she gets quite emotional when such conversations are discussed.

Her comments on the conversation that was at hand caused a lot of outrage from some of Jacaranda FM's listeners, so much so that the recording of that particular show was demanded by legal officials.

According to rekordcenturion.co.za the trade union - Solidarity sent a lawyer's letter to the radio station demanding the recordings of Tumi Morake after she allegedly made racial remarks on that particular show which aired on Tuesday.

So what exactly did Tumi say that has Jacaranda FM listeners in a tiff?

According to rekord centurion, Tumi apparently said that white people were bullies on the playground that stole bicycles from black people, and instead of being punished for the theft, they now had to share the bike and play together.


On Wednesday morning, Tumi addressed the issue again on air and stood by her statement.

Here's part of what Tumi had to say about the topic of race and how she's experienced it from her point of view.

"I'm not saying let's talk about this every day on air, I'm saying as a black woman, and I'm saying this from a place of experience and from being on this show for the past two and a half months that were not about how terrible I am on radio but were very much about me not being where I belong, that was very clear."

Tumi pleaded for listeners of the radio station to be honest with themselves before jumping onto social media and making comments.


"Be honest, be honest about how it disturbs you that there is a black voice that stands up and acknowledges its blackness."

Tumi also stressed that because she is pro-black does not automatically mean that she's anti-white.

She also believes that Jacaranda hired her for a valid reason.

"Label me all you want, hate me all you want the people at Jacaranda FM are not stupid, they hired me for a reason, they haven't fired me for a reason and when I speak, I speak for a reason. I'm educated, I'm not stupid and I speak from the heart and if that hurts you, be honest for a second, look inside yourself and be honest about why that makes you so angry."

You can listen to the rest of this on audio on demand.

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