Tumi Morake on how HHP wrote a song for her & hubby

He was the ever so generous Jabba

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Tumi Morake  | Drama

Tumi Morake

Fellow entertainers continue to share their fond memories of HHP, one entertainer who whole-heartedly respected and loved Jabba was Tumi Morake who shared how HHP willingly wrote a song for her and her husband's first sitcom - Kota Life Crisis.

However before sharing that story, Tumi, during a Kaya FM interview said that the news of HHP's passing shocked her to the core that it even lead her to have a drink.

"Jabba's passing messed us up, 'cause I found out in the afternoon and literally for the rest of the day I was useless. And I've been enjoying being sober but I proper went and had a vodka."

Tumi then went on to share the story of how HHP offered to write her and her husband a song for their sitcom for free.

"When I got my first car which I paid cash for, YB2a 2 NW (Jabba's 5th studio album) was my jam that's what I played. Having met Jabulani a couple of times he wrote the theme song for our first ever sitcom which my husband and I produced. And I remember completely being boggled because this guy was going to do a song because we barely had money to pay him. He made us such a beautiful track in zero time, the first time we heard that song it was as close to when we heard our child's first heartbeat. We were emotional, we were excited he was such a generous soul to be in such a dark place, it's so sad," she shared.

Here's the song below.

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