Tumi Morake speaks on what happened after her car accident

The accident made her appreciate life and her family even more.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Tumi Morake  | Drama


2017 was Tumi's year, she was bagging many gigs, had her own television talk show and was also a radio personality on Jacaranda FM.

However, even though she was getting all these jobs, her car accident in December made her realise that she needed to slow down and focus on the more important things in life.

Speaking to Drum magazine, Tumi revealed how she broke down in front of her kids and husband after coming home from the hospital.

"The accident slowed me down. After I got home from the hospital I walked into the house and broke down. My children and husband were there and I couldn't believe I could have died before enjoying the house I worked so hard to build."

Tumi Morake

Although it was reported that Tumi and her family had sustained minor injuries from the accident, she later revealed that she had injured her back and had to stay in the hospital a bit longer, according to the magazine, Tumi has been in and out of the hospital as she's still getting treated for her injuries. 

"I discharged myself after one night. I was worried about my family and the trauma they had endured. I didn't think I was hurt. I just wanted to make sure my children were okay."

Tumi saw the accident as a wake-up call for her to take it easy and focus most of her energy to the things and people that matter the most.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Tumi_Morake

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