Tweeps Livid After Global Citizen Promotes Concert With Uyinene Pic

Can we let Uyinene rest in peace?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

Uyinene Mrwetyana's death was a hard pill to swallow for many South Africans

Not only was it a sad reminder that gender-based violence is a prevalent but it also is a sad and scary reminder that women in Mzansi live in fear on a daily basis of something terrible happening to them.

Even Meghan Markle was touched by Uyinene's story that she wrote a special tribute for the slain Cape Town student.

But despite the fact that Uyinene has been laid to rest and her killer being charged with her murder, tweeps are bringing her name up again...

This time Black Twitter is directing their anger at international charity Global Citizen and SA hip hop star Riky Rick who are using an old picture of Uyinene as promotional material for the upcoming 'Rage In The City' concert in Jozi. The picture features the rapper dancing alongside Uyinene on stage at a previous concert.

The Rage In The City concert is set to take place in Jozi on 29 November.

Many found the image in poor taste and voiced their opinion online...

Even Uyinene's close friend spoke out about her anger and hurt at Global Citizen's 'exploitation' ;

The outcry led to Global Citizens replacing Uyinene's picture with that of another one;

Global Citizen also issued a public apology;

Let's leave Uyinene to finally rest peacefully.

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Image credit: Global Citizens