Umlilo sets Twitter and Mzansi ablaze

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

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Ya, neh? is WINNING right now. They officially took over Monday night, first with their new telenovela, Ashes to Ashes which aired at 8PM, and followed it up with the blazing hot Umlilo which also features an ex Generations star (Is Mfundi Vundla kicking himself right now? ) but we'll touch on that in a moment.

Monday the 2nd of March should be declared "The day won television" and I think that the real goal from here on out will be to maintain this momentum. I mean, I was in a taxi in Joburg yesterday morning and promoters hopped in, greeted us all and told us about the new schedule, which included all of the channel's new tv shows.

If Ashes to Ashes was the perfect, tasty appetiser, Umlilo was the incredibly filling main course. Led by actors such as Thato Molamu and the gorgeous Nomzamo Mbatha, Umlilo was just the kind of show South African TV viewers love to sink their teeth into. It doesn't hurt that the show tackles one of the most misunderstood cultural norms in our country, polygamy.

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Nomzamo Mbatha warned you all that this show was going to shift your perception on the topic, and that could not have been better encapsulated than in the quote below (I laughed out loud, seriously glad I wasn't watching with my girl, I'd have received some salty looks!)

Honestly, I'm not a polygamist or anything like that, I plan to grow up and marry one woman (at a time, at least) but you know, I sympathise with those for whom polygamy is a part of their culture. There's a negative stigma attached to the idea of marrying more than one woman (Just look at the kind of criticism that Jacob Zuma gets for his wives).

This is why I'm so in love with Umlilo. It's going to challenge people's ideals, it's telling stories in a different manner from what we're used to seeing on television. For once, South Africans will have the opportunity to understand why having multiple wives isn't just a sexual thing. At the very least people will understand the issue at hand a little more, before making their minds up on how they feel about polygamy. 

THIS is what you call pushing the envelope and I could not be more proud of the great team at I really can't wait to see more of this show.

Look out for our interviews with Umlilo cast members this week; which Umlilo actor or actress would you love to see us talk to this week, and what would you ask them? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section!


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