Unathi Accused Of Tribalism

She downplayed it and called it a 'joke'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Unathi Nkayi  | Drama

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As the IdolsSA competition reaches its finale, the country is vouching for its fave to take the crown.

But after last night, Unathi's controversial statement had many viewers angered; leaving voters with a dilemma of who to vote for.

Her comments after Luyolo's performance saw her offending other tribes as she praised the Xhosa tribe for 'holding up the nation.'

She uttered these words: "On behalf of the Xhosa people we are tired of holding up the nation. From Tat' uKani, to the son in black panther, to Miss South Africa , to Siya Kolisi winning the World Cup, to Unathi - public author. We are happy that we finally have someone from the Eastern Cape in the finale."

Although the crowd cheered on as she praised her tribe, many took to social media to express their disapproval and called out Unathi for being biased.

Voters were also angered by the realization that she might have jeopardized Luyolo's chances of winning, as they believe that many people might not vote for Luyolo as a way of proving Unathi wrong.

She later apologized for her comments on Instagram and said it was a joke that was shared by many South Africans, so she saw it fitting. A week ago, Somizi shared the same joke on his Instagram.
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Fans shared the following:

mandykamanhlekosi: Your joke costed Luyolo and people on social media been changing their minds with their votes no need for all your response on everyone's comment. I trusted you because you work on a radio not to mention that joke little things changes peoples mind to this racist country, you should have known better.

dineorammutla: @unathi.co to be honest this was a trend that was on Twitter for the past week. So now you say it, it starts to be a problem .....It was a JOKE!!! Most people were joking about recently on social media.

thabedenonhlanhla: We as South Africans have double standards this has been trending for some time now a joke hahaha, I'm zulu and I took it as a joke, when a light moment appeared on idols i laughed at it. To see that it manifested into something negative and ugly is beyond me hayini bo guyzini asiyeke uchuku omunye umntwana ube dlala nje haai maan.

vornie100: Let me go vote for sneziey the xhosa's are tired of carrying the country.
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